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Protect Your Family with Liquid Hand Sanitizer Online Shopping

Wondering how to fight COVID 19? Yes Genie got you covered! We specialize in providing Liquid Hand Sanitizers online. Disease causing microbes such as the corona virus are hard to get rid of as soap and water have negligible effect on them. One may get concerned about the safeguards against such issues, but worry not! Yes Genie is at your service. We provide the all-effective Liquid hand sanitizer online in India to help you keep the harmful germs, viruses and bacteria at bay.

Product Specs

Our product is medically tested and proven effective against disease causing microbes, including the deadly COVID19. The chemical composition we offer is highly effective as it contains an adequate amount of alcohol which is a chemically approved sanitizing agent. We are the frontrunners in Liquid hand sanitizer online shopping.

Our Dealing Range

The laws governing the medical sanitary products allow us to sell our product only in a regulated manner. Only the healthcare provider agents such as hospitals, path labs, clinics, etc. can buy liquid hand sanitizer online in bulk or even smaller quantities, as per the requirement.

Usage guide

  • Take a small amount of the product on the palm of hand
  • Rub it across both the hands properly without missing any spot
  • cover all the areas of the hands focusing on the spaces between fingers till the hands are dry
  • don’t rinse or wipe post usage for best results

Buy Liquid hand sanitizer online in India today and be safe from corona virus.