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Protection Against Corona And Other Diseases With Our Fully Automatic Sanitization Machines

With each passing day, the battle against the Coronavirus is getting difficult. From masks to maintaining social distancing and disinfecting places, many measures are taken to curb the spread of the novel Corona virus. We at Yes Genie are committed to securing you.

As the government is taking slow and gradual steps towards reopening places like shops, malls, restaurants, etc, it is imperative to put disinfectant machines into use to disinfect all the premises.

Product Specification

These disinfectant machines generate disinfecting smoke and are capable of sanitizing wide areas. The smoke gets circulated in the room quickly and sanitizes almost every nook and corner of the place. Our product is aligned with the terms presented by medical authority and is entirely safe to use. It has zero harmful effects on animals as well as humans. We lead in selling high-quality sanitization machines.

The Dealing Range

We make sure all our dealings are compliant with the guidelines, rules, and regulations laid by medical and government organizations. We are capable of fulfilling the orders of customers and provide for all small and bulk orders by healthcare workers and organizations like hospitals, labs and clinics.

Usage Guide

It is very easy to use our disinfectant sanitizing machines.

  • Step 1: Turn it on.
  • Step 2: Fill it with the amount of disinfectant you wish to.
  • Step 3: Now, you are ready to spray it on the surface you want to be disinfected.

You can purchase a sanitization machine online today in India and safeguard yourself from Covid-19 and other diseases.