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Buy Brown Rice (Chawal) Online Shopping in India @Best Prices

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As one of the top alternatives for white rice, brown rice (Chawal) has gained a lot of popularity in the health world! It is the most preferred type of rice among the millennials of urban India. So, if you’re looking to get your supply of brown rice online, you’ve reached the perfect destination. Buy brown rice online at the best price from YesGenie and ensure quality brands, products, and prices for all your wishes! 

There are a million ways to incorporate fiber and protein in the white rice dishes that you are eating that will help make your meal healthier. Pairing rice with black beans or red kidney beans (which is done often in the Caribbean) adds a significant amount of fiber to your meal. Adding non-starchy vegetables (cooked or raw) as a side also adds the nutrients that are missing from the white rice. You can do this or you can simply get brown rice (Chawal) which is automatically a high fiber and high protein ingredient! So, shop online for your brown rice online in India only on yesgenie! 

Cooking Brown Rice (Chawal) is Different 

Many of us are familiar with the concept of cooking white rice. Cooking brown rice (Chawal) is similar, with the extra step of soaking the rice prior to cooking. Follow the cooking instructions on the rice package that you procure when cooking wholegrain rice for the amount of water needed and the cooking time. As a rule of thumb, the more water you use for cooking, the softer the rice. You can also choose to use a brown rice-friendly rice cooker because these rice cookers indicate the specific amount of water needed to cook brown rice (Chawal) as part of the special features! So make sure you shop online for brown rice online at the best prices today from this catalog!