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Face Cover Online Shopping

Secure Your Family With Face Cover

Securing yourself from Covid 19 makes you worried? Leave all your worries on us. Yes Genie is constantly working towards protecting you from this global pandemic by creating and selling the best quality face covers.

Yes Genie is constantly working towards making and selling high-quality face cover for corona online in order to save you from the attack of this virus.

Buy Face Cover For Coronavirus Protection Online

The items we are selling are medically demonstrated compelling against the Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19. We take uncommon consideration in picking materials, so it doesn't cause skin contamination to you. Our face covers for corona protection are top of the line products. We are one of the main destinations to purchase face shields online in India. Our online store is one of the best place when it comes to shop face cover online in India.

These are made from high-quality materials and proven effective against COVID-19 virus. These face shields are a must buy to keep you and your family safe from this hazardous virus.

We Fulfil Individual Demands for Face Covers & Face Shields

We have enough supplies and stocks to fulfil individual demands for face covers. However, for bulk orders, you need to contact us beforehand. Moreover, it is only available for people who work in or as health care providers.

How to use Face Covers?

The instructions to use the face cover is very simple. Just take the band and put it around your head tightly such that the visor is in front of your mouth and covers it completely.