3 ply Masks

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Securing Your Family With 3-Ply Mask Online Shopping

Thought of battling the novel Coronavirus is making you anxious? We at Yes Genie are working towards securing you from the global pandemic by supplying the best 3 ply face mask in India.

If experts are to believe a 3-ply mask comes with hydrophobic exteriors which don't let virus-carrying droplets get through it. It is thus imperative to use a 3-ply mask when you are going out in public. Yes Genie brings you a range of high-quality 3-ply masks which will prevent the virus from penetrating through the mask, thus keeping you safe.

Product Description

We have various choices of 3-ply masks. We sell 3-ply earloop face masks and 3-ply disposable face masks with an earloop. Our masks are clinically proven to be effective in preventing COVID-19 from entering your body.

Thinking of buying a 3 ply face mask online in India? We are the ones to look-out for.

We deal for

We are here to provide 3 ply face masks to buy online in India. We are able to suffice individual as well as bulk demands. However, bulk requests are only entertained if they are from healthcare providers and not by individuals.

Considering a 3-ply mask to buy online? Visit us and get your product delivered to you at your doorstep.

How to use it?

  • Hold the mask in front of you.
  • Make sure that the side with the ear loop is in front of your mouth.
  • Wear the earloop.
  • Ensure that the mask is covering your complete mouth and nose.