Bajra (Pearl Millet)

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Why Buy Bajra Flour Online?

Bajra is primarily made of starch, which is a high-energy product. Since starch takes longer to break down, bajra is a slow-acting energy source that keeps you full for longer. It's also high in essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein molecules! As you would expect, it is one of the healthiest options to include in your diet! So make sure you buy Bajra flour online at best prices in India on YesGenie!

The high dietary fiber content in bajra also helps improve digestion. The fiber is a bulking agent that helps stool pass smoothly through the digestive tract. The whole grain helps improve digestive health and is useful in treating conditions like diarrhea, bloating, stomach ache and constipation! Along with all these medical benefits, bajra flour also tastes great! So, why wait, buy bajra flour online in India only on this catalouge!

Bajra aata for tasty dishes!

You can also use this flour to make porridge, which is very healthy for children. Roast multigrains like whole wheat, jowar, bajra, ragi, etc. with green mung, chana (Bengal gram) dal, sago (sabudana), etc. to the multigrain atta, and cook it till it reaches the consistency of porridge, using one part flour and three parts water. If you want to serve it savoury, add jeera (cumin) and salt. If your kids prefer sweet porridge, try gud (jaggery) and milk instead. Adding crushed almonds will enhance its nutritional value. So, make sure your children get the healthiest and tastiest Bajra nutrition! Buy Bajra flour online only on YesGenie!

If you are fond of dosas and idlis, you can add jowar to the usual rice batter in a 2:1 ratio (two parts jowarflour, one part rice idli batter). You can even make jowar cupcakes, by substituting the refined flour in any cupcake recipe with 50% whole wheat and 50% jowar flour. This is another tasty recipe that you can try! Make sure you buy Bajra Flours Online at Best Prices in India from YesGenie!