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Buy Wheat Flour (Atta) Online Shopping in India @Best Prices

We, at Yesgenie, have just made your online shopping for flour-Atta in India easier. After a long day of work, the thing that troubles most people is to go shopping for food. Now, that trouble has been solved by the Yesgenie. You can Buy Wheat Flour (Atta) Online in India while staying at home and won’t have to trouble yourself with shopping for it by going to the market. Everyone wants to try and consume traditional wheat flour-atta made with chakki but it is not available everywhere. Well now, you can order atta chakki here on Yesgenie at the ease of sitting at home. 

A few years ago, no one in this world thought that it would be possible to buy Wheat Flour Atta Online in India at the Best prices with the click of a button. YesGenie provides you the platform to order your favorite wheat as well as any multigrain atta-flour all at one platform. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite wheat flour and do your Online Shopping in India!

Why Wheat flour?

The fiber in whole wheat flour-atta boosts the digestive process in the body and improves the overall metabolism. Doctors recommend eating whole grain bread and other fiber-rich foods. Research has shown that foods made from refined grains not only tend to increase weight but also increase the hazards of insulin resistance.

Whole wheat flour (atta) increases energy levels and vitality in women. The long-term Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study showed that the increased consumption of whole-grain boosted their energy levels and prevented weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and kept their BMI levels low. The study also showed that women who ate more whole grains were likely to have a healthier diet and a higher intake of fruits and vegetables. So, buy wheat flour Online at the Best Prices in India only on Yesgenie! In case you are looking for more variety, we have Rice flour, black wheat flour, black gram flour, bajra aata(pearl millet flour)missa flour, barley flour, jowar Atta ( sorghum flour)soya flour as well as Javi flour options!