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The Innumerous Benefits of Panjiri Flour (Atta)

Panjiri atta, which is used to prepare the world-famous Indian desert of panjiri or pinni has so many health benefits that it is difficult to accommodate all of them in this article! Our parents were entrusted with the wisdom of using ancient knowledge of the benefits of various foods. Some recipes have been passed down for generations due to their time-tested utility.

Panjiri is a food that does not need to prove itself. To name a few of the benefits: Panjiri is known to produce heat in the body. The ingredients present in Panjiri help to soothe the muscles of the throat, lubricate joints and reduce body pain. It fuels us with loads of energy and power. It helps lactating mothers to stimulate the flow of breast milk and provide them strength. This delicious dessert also helps to boost immunity and ward off seasonal infections including cold and cough.

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