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Buy Sanitizer Spray Machine Online

Ensuring Safety With Our Sanitization Machines

With the rising number of cases every day, this global pandemic is getting stronger and stronger every day. Corona virus is getting tougher to defeat now. However, you don't have to worry about that, Yes Genie has got you covered.

Since the government is slowly opening places such as restaurants, hotels, shops, etc., you need to take care of your shop or restaurant to keep it free from infections. This is where our sanitization machines come in.

Product Specification

These sanitization machines generate disinfectant smoke. This machine is capable of sanitizing large areas. The smoke produced gets quickly circulated in the complete room, and each and every corner of the place is sanitized.

The products we sell are compliant to the concerned medical authorities' standards and are safe for use without any harmful effects on humans and animals. We are leading in selling sanitization machines.

Shop from Wide Range of Sanitization Machines

We have a wide range of sanitizer machines from mini to disinfection fogger machine. Choose from a wide range of fully automatic, semi automatic and manual sanitizer machine at affordable price from Yes Genie. We are more than capable of fulfilling customer orders.

However, demands for bulk orders are fulfilled only if raised by healthcare organizations or for healthcare workers. This is due to the government policies which restrict the selling of bulk quantities of medical products to individuals.

Usage Guide

It is very easy to use our sanitization machine.

  • Step 1: Turn it on.
  • Step 2: Fill in the desired amount of disinfectant.
  • Step 3: Spray it on the surface you wish to disinfect.

You can buy a sanitization machine online today in India and safeguard yourself from Covid-19 and other diseases.