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Ensuring Protection Of Your Family With Face Masks And Shield Online

Worried about battling the global pandemic of COVID-19? Yes Genie is there to secure you. We at Yes Genie work towards providing amazing quality face masks and face shields.

A virus-like the novel coronavirus requires the use of masks and face shields in public settings in order to restrict and curb the spread of the virus. Yes Genie provides you with a viable range of face masks and shields in order to keep the Corona-causing virus at bay.

Product Description

The products we are providing are medically proven effective against the Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19. We take special care in choosing materials so that it does not cause skin infection to you. We are one of the leading sites to buy masks and face shields online in India. Thinking about-face shield mask online shopping? We are the answer.

Our range of face shields and masks online in India is carefully designed for you to keep Corona Virus away from you. Our transparent face shield in India is one of the best available in the market. Need to buy masks and face shields online? We are here to serve you.

We deal for

We sell products on our site online. However, only hospitals and healthcare provider agents are allowed to place bulk orders.

How to use it?

Face Shields

Just take the band and put the visor such that it covers your whole face from top to bottom.

Face Masks

Put the mask in front of your face such that it completely covers your nose and your mouth with no gap whatsoever.