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Stay Safe with Optimum Quality Coronavirus Protection Products

Pandemic Alert!

Are you looking for a diverse range of COVID19 protection products? Yes Genie has the perfect solution for you.

The world is facing a “global crisis.” All that we can do right not is to be better prepared for the present scenario. The novel coronavirus has spread now across seven different continents, and almost entire humanity is affected. The WHO and CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) have published guidelines for coronavirus protection. These are of immense importance, especially for health workers and all those who are associated with infection protection and control.

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The guidelines issued by the authorities emphasize the use of suitable gear, including a face shield, goggles, gown (fluid resistant), and gloves. To ensure safety against airborne particulate, FFP2 or N95 respirator plays an integral role. Also, there has been a lot of emphasis on maintaining personal hygiene like using alcohol-based sanitizers and properly washing hands with soap.

We at Yes Genie understand the gravity of the situation and have come up with suitable solutions.

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During the times of the COVID19 pandemic, we make sure that you are safe and sound. We care for your safety and do not believe in leaving any stone unturned, meeting medical requirements with efficacy.

Under the prevailing circumstances, everyone is buying coronavirus protection products. The immense rise in demand for such products has adversely affected the entire global supply market.

We are trying hard to deal with the delays and shortages of medical products.Our dedicated team of professionals at Yes Genie is working unflaggingly for shipping and delivering coronavirus protection products at your doors.

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We design coronavirus protection products exclusively for our customers. Our range of COVID-19 protection products ensures that our staff and customers are safe. With us, you can stay assured of large quantities of stock of Masks, which can be immediately dispatched. You get to select from 3-Ply Protective Mask, and N95 Face Mask. You can buy coronavirus protection products like gloves, wipes, face shields, COVID-19 signage, sanitization stations, and hand sanitizers.

With us, you can stay protected and safe.

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